Is it Loud in Here?

Deciphering OSHA’s noise regulations is one that we can easily help your facility with. Our industrial hygienists and safety professionals are able to assist with OSHA noise citations, conduct noise surveys to identify potential areas of concern and if necessary, implement noise abatement and/or hearing protection solutions 

SCL will conduct a detailed site noise survey of your facility process areas to initially create a sound map. Once we identify areas of concerns, occupational noise dosimetry will be conducted on employees for OSHA compliance purposes. OSHA requires that all employees are exposed to less than 85 decibels in an 8-hour work shift, as a time-weighted average (TWA). SCL uses Class 1 SLM noise dosimeters, the highest quality monitors available. That data is then assembled to create a “sound map” of the facility that shows the overall sound levels as a function of location within the facility. We can then identify which employees are required to wear hearing protection because  


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