Corrosion Testing

Metallic corrosion may be described as the destructive reaction of a metal and the environment surrounding it. Metals may react with acids, atmospheric moisture, or contaminants, such as chlorides, dusts, sulfates and sulfur dioxide and other pollutants present in the surrounding environment. Consequently, it costs us in repair and scrap of rusty parts. Our corrosion testing services help to predict failure through specifications like ASTM B117.  

SCL also offers cyclic corrosion testing, particularly for the automotive industry (GM, Ford). Cyclic corrosion testing is a way of accelerating real-world corrosion failures, under laboratory-controlled conditions. From advanced corrosion testing to regular corrosion testing of production parts, we are here to keep you and your customers happy. We can help decipher complex client specs and test requirements for:


Nadcap A2LA CPSC