Put Our Expertise to Your Advantage

Scientific Control Laboratories offers significant advantages to our clients, including:

Accurate, Objective Results

We invest considerable resources to ensure we maintain our exceptional record for accuracy. This includes documentation of our internal processes for training, equipment calibration, standardization and adoption of analytical methods, sample recovery and handling procedures, quality control measurement procedures, internal and external proficiency program and certification as well as accreditations.

Economic Advantages

Our analytical team of experts combined with specialized skills and expertise help facilitate product development and problem solving for our clients. With the rising expense of product liability insurance,  product waste, and regulatory fines, we help our clients lower product costs and reduce time to market.


Companies who handle potentially hazardous materials prefer to utilize our services to minimize the danger of in-house exposure to hazardous agents.

In addition we have gained an exceptional reputation by providing our clients with:

Securing the services of Scientific Control Laboratories is a wise investment. Contact us today to see how we can ensure the quality of your project.


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