Environmental Reporting Calendar

The following is a brief summary of typical environmental reports that affect most manufacturing and industrial facilities. As always, our experienced staff is available to assess your situation and to prepare the necessary reports for you. If we have not evaluated your facility for these reporting requirements and you need our assistance, please give us a call.

Chicago Liquid Waste Report/Fee

If you are in Chicago, and you generated liquid waste, you have to file the Chicago Liquid Waste Report and possibly pay a fee. This fee applies to any liquid waste (hazardous or nonhazardous) generated over 360 gallons or more during the reporting year.
Due date – January 30th.

Annual Hazardous Waste Report

For Large Quantity Generators (facilities that generated more than 2,200 lbs of hazardous waste during any one month in the reporting year). An annual fee also goes to the state EPA with this report.
Due date – March 1st

User Charge

If you are within Cook County and classified as a Large User, you may have to file the Form RD-925 User Charge Annual Statement to the Water Reclamation District.
Due date – February 20th.

Tier Two Hazardous Chemical Inventory Report

For all facilities that have hazardous chemicals stored above the reporting thresholds. This report is required to be prepared, filed and submitted online.
Due date – March 1st

Cook County Hazardous Liquid Waste Report/Fee

In addition, Cook County facilities outside the City of Chicago may have to file the Cook County Liquid Hazardous Waste Report and pay a fee for any liquid hazardous waste that was shipped the previous year.
Due date – April 1st.

Annual Air Emission Report

For all Illinois companies that have an air permit, to report annual air emissions. If you have a Title V (CAAPP) air permit, the Annual Compliance Certification is also due. If you have a ROSS, your emissions should be calculated annually to document that you still meet the ROSS requirements.
Due date – May 1st

Form R – Toxic Chemical Release Inventory (TRI)

A comprehensive annual report that documents the use, manufacturing, and disposal of certain toxic chemicals. The EPA requires that all manufacturers annually assess if they have exceeded the reporting thresholds for the previous calendar year; and file a report for those chemicals.
Due date – July 1st

Storm Water Annual Inspection Report

An annual report for all Illinois companies that have an NPDES Storm Water permit, to report current compliance with your permit and Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP). This permit is required when an industrial facility has storm water exposure to industrial activity. There are exceptions if the facility’s storm water discharges to a combined sewer system (such as large areas of Chicago).
Due date – 60 days after the anniversary of the initial permit issuance date