Fast, Accurate Air Testing and Compliance

Meeting required regulatory reports for air quality demand much more than simple input and output. Detailed, accurate audit trails defining the compliance process are necessary.   

Scientific Control Laboratory offers the highest level of field services, quality test data and reporting.  Our environmental testing services are conducted by strong scientific talent in accredited laboratories, with a steadfast focus on timelines and attention to budget.   

We offer expert engineering and compliance assessments for:

Air Testing

We understand the need for fast and accurate air testing. In most cases we can respond within one to two business days, and submit inspection reports quickly to minimize downtime.   

Air Compliance

Scientific Control Laboratories offers complete, comprehensive permitting and compliance support to industrial and commercial organizations.  

We are accessible, flexible, responsive, and thrive on developing cost-effective solutions for industries daily. Our goal is to improve our client’s efficiency reporting processes and help them navigate complex laws and regulations surrounding air permitting and compliance.  

Stack Testing

Stack testing (also referred to as a performance or source test) measures the amount of specific, regulated pollutants being emitted into the atmosphere. This form of testing is an important tool used to determine a facility’s compliance with emission limits.

Scientific Control Laboratories provide effluent measurements and sampling procedures that follow specific test methods and protocols to ensure accurate emission data.